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  HangeKorb - the Hanging Basket HangeKorb - the Hanging Basket

 (November 2010) (November 2010) (November 2010) (November 2010) (November 2010) (November 2010) (November 2010)Girls at entrance to Golden hive (July 2010)Natural comb in Log hive (July 2010)Natural comb (July 2010)Propolis (July 2010)Barrel Hive (July 2010)Log hive (July 2010)Golden hive (July 2010)Natural comb from the Top Bar Hive (July 2010)Girls zipping in and out of the barrel (July 2010)Golden Hive (July 2010)A bee hive at The Melissa Garden (July 2010)Top Bar Hive, designed by, built by Joel Wyrock, painted by Barbara Schlumberger, roof constructed by Juan Rodriquez (May 2009)Ross adding organic, fresh manure to Hangerkorb (April 2009)More manure to golden hive (April 2009)Spreading manure (April 2009)Having fun in the sun (April 2009)Ross and Barbara dipping organic cotton in wax for inner cover (April 2009)Getting top bar hive ready for swarm (April 2009)Michael and Ross coating straw golden hive with manure (April 2009)Second Golden Hive (April 2009)A still life (March 2009) (October 2008)HangeKorb hive (October 2008)HangeKorb hive (October 2008)Happy, happy bees in HangeKorb (August 2008)Jacques and Ross working the Langstroth hives (July 2008)HangeKorb - the Hanging Basket Michael Thiele in the Einraumbeute (the One Room Hive) Michael Thiele and Ross Mendenhall holding hive from Einraumbeute Einraumbeute hive Einraumbeute - The Golden Hive (painted by Barbara) Michael Thiele teaching with One Room Hive frame Heart-shaped comb Hanging Hive - Full frame of honeycomb from HangeKorb  HangeKorb - the Hanging Basket HangeKorb - the Hanging Basket Jacques Schlumberger fascinated by Hanging Basket Hive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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