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The Haengekorb outlines the outer, invisible "skin" of the "Bien", the wholeness and single entity of the bee. It reveals the innate round shape of the "Bien". Its true nature becomes palpable, through the gestalt and its position in space. The Haengekorb shows how everything within the colony is round. The shape of it speaks with a pre-verbal-language. And the shape can share the living processes within. All together a "flower garden" for the eye and the heart.

This is a "one-room hive", one of the many different hive designs at "The Melissa Garden". It will not be supered and the comb surface area equals two deep and one medium Langstroth hives. It provides many features for low-invasive beekeeping. The wax blanket protects the inner climate and the deep frames allow for more natural comb sizes. Bees are very calm in these hives.
Michael shares the journey of connecting with bees and shows how we can establish an intimate relationship with the "bien" (the oneness of this being), and how the Golden Hive offers the features to do so. We can approach it without smoke, nor veil and become very sensitive and receptive with our entire range of perception. This can open a new dimension of being with each other, one which recognizes the deep inter-connections and - dependency of all there is. The bees reflects our own level of health and they can open our hearts, if we let them.
This log hive is of primordial shape, used in the begining of beekeeping. Like a feral hive, the "Bien", the wholeness and the single entity of the bee colony can take up its natural form and gestalt. The log hive has two entrances, so it can be turned annually, for inner restructioning, receiving of honey, and health.
Straw hive making.

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